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Robinia piquets

Pickets are stakes made of acacia with irregular sections. We supply two types of pickets:
  • Pickets produced by SAWING (the debarked trunks are sawed into 6 or 8 pieces, depending on the diameter of the trunk and the desired section)
  • Pickets produced by SPLITTING (the trunks are opened using a wedge along the natural fibres of the wood)
Both types of pickets have tips sharpened on four sides for use.
As an option, the edges can be rounded off both longitudinally and at the trims.

Acacia wood is heavy, tough and very resistant to traction. Its most notable feature is its long life without the need for treatment. Unalterable and natural, it is being preferred more and more by European wine producers. Ideal for organic farming.

Acacia pickets are excellent for use as end and intermediate posts on vine trellises.
Split pickets are used frequently in cattle enclosures and the construction of forest fences.

Lengths: from 170 to 250 cm 
Sections:18-24 cm2, 24-30 cm2, 32-40 cm2, 42-50 cm2