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Robinia stakes

We offer a wide range of acacia stakes for use in reforestation, agriculture, fruit growing, horticulture, gardening and landscaping.

Acacia wood (Robinia pseudoacacia) is very heavy, tough and resilient. It does not need to be treated for outdoor use: it is very durable even in adverse weather conditions, in contact with the ground and under water.

It is an environment-friendly natural resource: chemical-free and reusable. 

Acacia stakes are used as guides and supports for all types of plants and their protection devices (pipes and nets)

Square-section stakes.
As an option, we can supply them with rounded edges.
Heights of between 70 and 250 cm
Sections of between 20x20 and 40x40 mm (please contact us for larger sections)
Tips sharpened on 4 faces or rounded